Dichmos is a small continent located in the middle of a vast sea. It takes approximately 3 months to travel from east to west and about 2 months to travel from north to south.


The continent has five main regions at each point of the compass and in the center. Each region is the home to a major race.


The desert of Elkil is the home of the elves. It is mostly barren, especially since the Elves moved the last of their people into their airships. Its capital is Elk, located on the mountain of the same name.

Dragon’s Bay

This massive bay contains the Dragonborn tribes. It is dominated by the island of Dorkash, an island that takes 2 weeks to cross. There are several smaller islands throughout the bay. Its capital changes based on which tribe is in power, but the main city is Akosh.

The Galelian Plains

The Galelian Plains are a vast and fertile savannah. The Dwarves live here, producing the majority of the continent’s food and producing many of its minerals. The landscape is dominated by the Wall, a defensive structure on the west devised to protect the dwarves from invading barbarian hordes. It is bordered on the north by the Tadel Sea. Prosperity City is the capital.

The Tief Forests

These forests contain the Tieflings. It is bordered on the south by a large marsh, which also provides rich farmland. Tonga City is its capital.

The Central Region

Simply called Central, this band of mountains houses the largest city in the continent, Central City where the council of races meets. There are six mountain ranges surrounding the city, collectively called the Central Range. They are the Northern and Southern Traverses, the Elianlace Mountains, the Dragon’s Teeth, Sokin’s Ridge, and the Ancestral Mountains. Two gorges, the Golian and Orcan in the north and south respectively, split the continent in half. The west is the only place one can find the mineral Lumias and the east is the only place where one can find Nilias. Goliaths inhabit the extreme north of the region and Orcs ive in the South


Recorded history only goes back about 1000 years. Dates are based off of the time passed since the last council. The current year is the 5th of the 60th council.


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