The land of Dichmos is governed by dichotomy: light and dark. This is personified by two gods: Lucan and Acerba.

Everything in the land falls somewhere on this spectrum. These, however, are not good and evil, nor chaos and order.

Things of the light are loud, proud, flashy, outgoing, flighty. They are creatures of the air and high seas.

Things of the dark are crafty, and difficult to pin down. They are quiet and reserved. They are loyal. They are creatures of the ground and caves.

No thing is singly dark or light, however. Even the highest flying bird must come down to roost and the scaliest lizard must come to the light.

Lucan and Acerba are inextricably linked. They each contain an essence of the other. This linkage, often pictured as a chain, is crucial in maintaining balance.

Few speak of balance, but it is subtly acknowledged in life. Households will pray to both gods on a regular basis, and few follow a single cult


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